Where’s the Beef?

Not a lot happening here lately.  Well, there’s a reason for that.

We’ve been slammed at Pleasantry Lane.  The studio is hoppin’ with some really good new artists, particularly Becky Middleton and John Lefler.  Man, these are some great new projects.  Stay glued to the PLS site for more info on them.  And be sure to check out the Old 97s on Leno this Thursday!

And I’ve been cooking up some new DotNetNuke stuff, too.  Radiant has released two modules, BlogDisplay and ForumDisplay, that are productized versions of the modules that I developed to assist my CMS needs at ProRec.com.  I’m also trying to get myself hooked into the DotNetNuke Blog Team because I have some serious CMS needs that I’m going to be addressing, and I’d rather make the work part of the core DNN blog if possible.

So, not a lot of time for writing on this fledgling blog.  More to come, though!