Ubuntu: Video Editing FAIL

Well this time I really have bumped my head hard on Ubuntu.

Video editing apps are simply a shambles.  The default editor, PiTiVi (which apparently is Ubuntu-speak for “PiTiFul”) is terrible.  Editing is a joke.  It would take all morning to list my complaints, which isn’t worth my time.  Just suffice to say, it sucks.

I installed a half-dozen competing editors and found that the only app that comes close to being usable is Kdenlive, which is still pretty hard to use.

This is all to be expected, and is why I kept my Windows machine for multimedia editing.  But if you are planning a switch to Ubuntu, and expect to get any multimedia work done on it, watch out.  The apps are very, very weak at this time.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu: Video Editing FAIL

  1. Sajib says:

    It is expected that very soon Adobe and other big software giants will be releasing linux-compatible versions of their software as more and more people are jumping off windows to linux — especially ubuntu. But yes, you are right. At this time, we need to go back to windows when it comes to specific software issue.

    About video editing: could you try out openshot? I’ve heard that this one is the best of all video editing software available for linux.

  2. Bubulle says:

    OpenShot is a joke, should be named openshotyourselfinthefoot.
    Those producing these shames have no idea on workflow and requirements of NLVE.

    The most usable and feature rich NLVE on Linux is using Blender3D’s own sequence editor.

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