Ubuntu: PowerFAIL

I’ve been living in a completely Ubuntu world for over a week now, and am still loving the experience overall.  However, one thing has definitely given me pause: Ubuntu clearly consumes more power on my Lenovo T400 than Windows 7 ever did.

Typical battery life for me in Windows 7 was a solid three hours.  With Ubuntu, I am getting no more than 90 minutes.  That’s about a 50% reduction in battery life – similar to the results posted a couple of months ago by Phoronix.

I love Ubuntu, even if I can’t improve the battery life, so I’ll try some tweaks to see if I can improve the results.

By comparison, PowerWIN is clearly the Dell Mini9 Hackintosh.  No spinning disk, no fan, 9″ monitor, and MacOS gives it a typical battery life of well over four hours.  I’ve seen it run for over five hours if the monitor is dimmed.

Now I need to close this post.  I have only 10% battery left and my PC is about to die.

One thought on “Ubuntu: PowerFAIL

  1. David Gaw says:

    Battery life is also, I think, one of the most attractive features of the iPad. Even with fairly consistent use, I see 10+ hours easily. With the screen locked, it will literally run for days, ready for use at the touch of a button. For example, I unhooked it from its charger at 4 am on Monday and have left it running since; it’s now Thursday morning and it’s down to a 10% charge.

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