To the Dark Side

I have finally done it.  Please forgive me, Mom.

That’s right.  I bought a Mac: the new quad I7 15.4″ MacBook Pro.

And what’s more: I’m switching to Pro Tools 9 from Sonar.

I’ve had a long love-affair with my Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh.  The little sucker went with me everywhere.  I used it as my travel computer.  I used it in my keyboard rig.  Small to the point of silly, and relatively inexpensive, it was the perfect travel machine.

Well, it got stolen in Mexico.

A confluence of needs had me wanting a new MacBook Pro anyway, and what better time than after the sudden loss of the Hackintosh.  So I have finally taken the plunge for real.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “To the Dark Side

  1. David Gaw says:

    Nice! I love my Macbook Air, which running Parallels is the best Windows laptop I”ve ever used. Just out of curiosity, what steered you towards the MBP instead of the Air? (For me, it was an easy choice, given that the Air is sometimes the third of three laptops I’m carrying, so minimum weight was essential.)

  2. riprowan says:

    It was a really tough choice. I love the new Air. In the end I wanted an all-in-one desktop replacement that could also serve recording-studio duty. With the 4-way i7, the MBP is totally capable of running big ProTools sessions. It’s also really, really bad-ass 😉

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