ZuiPrezi: Yup Yup

Daniel Miller turned me on to ZuiPrezi, a nonlinear presentation environment built using Adobe Flex.

It’s really cool, but not just because it knocks PowerPoint back on its butt.  It’s cool because of what it suggests about the future of content presentation.

A lot of marketing types have abused Flash by building incomprehensible yet very nifty-looking sites with it.  Like Rapp.  They’ve improved their site, believe it or not.  Now it’s two pieces – a blog, which is nice but uninformative, and a list of a couple dozen phone numbers on a rather overdone map interface.  It’s up to you to know in advance that they are the world’s largest Internet marketing content provider, otherwise, you wouldn’t even know what business they’re in.  And forget about watching a demo reel, seeing a list of current clients, or getting any actual business related information.  It just isn’t there.  But this is an improvement – a few months ago I stumbled across their web site and couldn’t even figure out how to work it.  As in, literally couldn’t figure out what it did.

ZuiPrezi is so simple.  You use it to produce a landscape of information, then fly around that space according to predefined markers, or navigate the space ad hoc.  That’s it.  The information you place in this landscape is the same stuff you can put in a PowerPoint – text, graphics, photos, video, etc..  The only difference is that ZuiPrezi breaks out of the “pages” paradigm by placing the information onto a surface over which you fly, instead of paginate.

Where ZuiPrezi gets it right – at least in the demo presentations produced by Kitchen Budapest – is through the use of visual cues like boxes, text, and images to provide a meaningful landscape when you zoom completely out.  In other words, you can see the content of the entire presentation and immediately grasp a lot of context.

This is the future of content sites.

More to come…