Poor Me

Being sick sucks.  Being sick and half-blind, more so.

So I got some sort of cold / bronchitis thing in the last week of April and am only just now pretty much “over it”.  It sucked, mostly because I couldn’t ever sleep without taking serious drugs, which usually left me feeling about as bad as if I had stayed up all night.

Then last week – BOOM – I partially lose eyesight in my left eye.  Next day – BOOM – right eye.  I mean, I can still mostly see, but it’s hard to read, and there’s flashing lights and obstructions in my vision.  Not good.

So, call, appointment, doctor.  Doctor, doctor, doctor.  I’ve seen three doctors, spent at least 20 hours in doctors offices in the last five days.  It’s like I live there now.  I’m on high doses of prednisone.  Which sux.  But it seems to be helping somewhat so far.  Two more doctor visits tomorrow and Wednesday.

So, poor me.  Fingers crossed I’ll be back on my feet in no time.  The doctor seems to think the eyesight thing is the result of a minor infection, which is presumably cleared up by now.

Temporary blindness, however, will make you think long and hard about a good long-term disability plan!  If you don’t have one, think about it!