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iPad vs. Android vs. Windows 8 – Further Thoughts

Several people made some good points in regard to my article on iPad vs. Windows 8. The most salient one, and the one I keep hearing, is the…

Google+ Android App – Getting from Good to Great

I’ve been traveling since the arrival of Google+ and therefore have been forced to use it almost exclusively from my Android phone. I’ve enjoyed the Google+ app immensely…

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Windows 8 vs. iPad: Advantage Microsoft?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the industry press recently about Windows 8, the new touch-centric Windows from Microsoft. Much of the press has been understandably skeptical….

Sony. Really???

Yep.  It’s happened again: Computerworld – LulzSec, a hacking group that recently made news for hacking into PBS, claimed today that it has broken into several Sony Pictures…

To the Dark Side

I have finally done it.  Please forgive me, Mom. That’s right.  I bought a Mac: the new quad I7 15.4″ MacBook Pro. And what’s more: I’m switching to…


Hate to say I told you so, but in April 2009 I wrote: The keyword to watch for now is #doubledip.  Because with the recent uptick in the…

Sony: Security Fail Redux

By now, everyone knows that Sony’s Playstation Network got hacked earlier this year.  It’s a big mistake that shouldn’t have been made, but we all make mistakes.  The…

Italian Home Construction

Vanessa and I had the opportunity to visit some friends who are building a new home just south of Arezzo, Italy.  The home was in a partially-completed state,…

Epicurean Tour 2011

I’m writing this from the Piazza del Campo in Siena, where a huge group of littering Spanish tourists, who, failing in their attempts to start “The Wave,” have…

Hackintosh vs iPad

A lot of people come into the coffee shop with iPads and are intrigued by my Hackintosh…. As a portable, I’ll take my Hackintosh over an iPad for…

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Jupiter Journey

Once upon a time a Jupiter Jumper came to Earth.  The Jumper asked me to come to Jupiter. He said, “Would you like to come to Jupiter?” then…

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is a nifty utility that performs a few useful functions on your Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Android phone – virus detection, backup, and location. I’m not that…


CHRIS HOLT A Cosmic Joke

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