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Remix Engineer

Forza Italia!

A few weeks ago, while I was visiting family in Georgia, the subject of Italy came up. Somebody asked me if I would consider moving to Italy, and my reply was, “in a heartbeat, if I could figure out how to make it work.”

VANESSA PETERS The Burn The Truth The Lies

Producer, Recording / Mix Engineer
Drums, Keyboards, Percussion

The Problem with EC2 Micro Instances

If you keep up with my blog you know that I really dig the EC2 micro instance running the Bitnami Wordpress stack. The problem is the occasional lockups.

Treat your ears right. Put this in them.

Treat your ears right. Put this in them.

A track from a new album I produced by Vanessa Peters -…

A track from a new album I produced by Vanessa Peters – “The Burn The Truth The Lies,” to be released July 17. Pre-order and more information at

A little slice of Americana for the morning.The War – from…

A little slice of Americana for the morning.
The War – from Vanessa Peters’s 2009 “Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up”




Producer, Recording / Mix Engineer

Putting out the back catalog

Putting out the back catalog. Here’s Track 1 from Rhythm/Pleasure 2. Free on Soundcloud.

Bring Social to the Blog, or Bring the Blog to Social?

I create content: I write, I shoot photos, and I create music. I also make the occasional video. I want an online location where I can keep up…

MERRY MILLER Classical Baby

Recording / Mix Engineer


Producer, Recording / Mix Engineer

VANESSA PETERS The Christmas We Hoped For

Producer, Recording / Mix Engineer
Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass

Nobody Speaks for #OccupyWallStreet

I think it is critical to spread the word of where Occupy Wall Street came from, because as it gains momentum, we are seeing many political groups trying…

Lights Out In The Tunnel

In his new book, “The Lights in the Tunnel,” Martin Ford postulates an interesting (if not novel) thought experiment: what if the Luddites were right? I have to…

Backing Up a Bitnami WordPress Stack on an AWS Micro Instance

If you follow me, you know that I am quite enamored with Amazon’s EC2.  Scalable, reliable, powerful, and cheap – it’s a revolution in computing. The smallest and…

Kickstarter Campaign Launched

As we all know, the music business is in a new era. People are decreasingly willing to pay for music and the business is decreasingly willing to fund…

Lessons in WordPress Conversions

Over the past few days I’ve been performing a pretty significant WordPress migration for a set of sites that I have been hosting. The source is a set…

The Descobleizer: Solving the Scoble Problem on Google+

Today, Rocky Agrawal offerred an interesting article on Techcrunch, “Solving the Scoble Problem on Social Networks.”  it’s a good read.  The gist is that in certain social networks…