Math, No. Set Theory, Yes.

Jeff Atwood couldn’t be more right when he says

I have not found in practice that programmers need to be mathematically inclined to become great software developers. Quite the opposite, in fact. This does depend heavily on what kind of code you’re writing, but the vast bulk of code that I’ve seen consists mostly of the “balancing your checkbook” sort of math, nothing remotely like what you’d find in the average college calculus textbook, even.

Exactly.  Programming – especially GUI-based web-centric software development of the sort that most people are up to these days – is much more a “right-brained” than “left-brained” activity.

Question for the group: is logic – especially set theory – more right- or left-brained?  Modern software development may not be highly mathematical, but it often requires heavy database design and optimization, where a strong aptitude in set theory is a big plus.