Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout is a nifty utility that performs a few useful functions on your Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Android phone – virus detection, backup, and location.

I’m not that interested in virus detection: since I don’t install non-Market apps, it’s very unlikely that I would pick one up – and so far there have been no real virus outbreaks on Android anyway.  Likewise, backup isn’t all that useful to me, either, since pretty much everything on the phone that I care about is already backed up with Google.

But the location service is something that might come in very handy someday.  In less than a minute on the web site, Lookout had located my phone with frightening accuracy.

When it says “zero meters” it isn’t kidding, either.  Lookout located not only the correct room in my house, but also pinpointed the side of the room where my phone was sitting.

The other location feature that promises to be useful is the “Scream” function.  If you misplace your phone in the house, you can usually call it, and when it rings, find it.  However, if I’m alone, I’m screwed, because I don’t have another phone from which to call my cell phone.  And if the phone is muted then calling it won’t work. But Lookout’s “Scream” works even if the phone is muted, and it’s pretty loud, too (it maxes out your phones volume).  You will, however, want to keep your Lookout account private.  Otherwise, your roommate might be tempted to make your phone start screaming while you’re out on opening night of La Boheme.