Lessons in WordPress Conversions

Over the past few days I’ve been performing a pretty significant WordPress migration for a set of sites that I have been hosting.

The source is a set of individual WordPress sites running on an small Amazon EC2 Windows instance.  I migrated them to a multi-site installation running on a micro EC2 Linux instance.

Over the course of the conversion I learned a variety of lessons.

First, I learned that the WordPress multi-site (“network blog”) feature is still fairly half-baked.  You have to be prepared to get your hands pretty dirty if you want to make it work.

I also learned to really appreciate the Bitnami WordPress Stack AMI.  It allows you to spin up a fully-configured, ready to use Ubuntu LAMP / WP stack onto an EC2 micro instance with a minimum of fretting.

I will update this post with some details of the process for those interested.  In the meantime – success is mine!

2 thoughts on “Lessons in WordPress Conversions

  1. Ben Tremblay says:

    Hey there you!

    FWIW ever use a local server for testing? It’s the way to go.
    I’ve fumbled my way through it a coupla times and it’s always been worth the effort.
    In case it’s of any interest, I just came a cross a nice tutorial on it.
    ben aka @bentrem aka @ITGeek

  2. Ben Tremblay says:

    p.s. if you think multi-site is “half-baked” now ooooooooh huh huh huh it was “up to your elbows in it” before! heh

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