Help Me Decide!!!

So I find myself in possession of one too many computers, and I need your help.  Which one should I get rid of?

Computer one is my Hackintosh.  This one is not up for debate.  I have to keep this computer.  This little Dell Mini 9 running Snow Leopard is so useful I wonder how I ever lived without it.  I only note it because…

Computer two is my Lenovo T400 notebook.  As a notebook, it’s a hoss.  8 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD, 320 GB 7200 RPM data drive, WXGA+, you name it, it’s got it. Even a “real” docking station.  It’s awesome, and if I ever get around to doing more “real” consulting work, I’ll need a good notebook PC.  But then, there’s…

Computer three – the StudioCat Ultra DAW workstation.  6 GB RAM, Intel i7 975 Extreme Edition, 3 TB of disk, in an awesome Antec P183 case.  It’s big, it’s solid, it’s deathly quiet, and an amazing workstation.

So I need to get rid of number 2 or number 3.  I don’t need two portable computers… unless I get a consulting gig that demands one.  And I don’t need all the power of the StudioCat PC… but it’s pretty amazing.

I don’t need all three.  Which one do I dump, and why?

3 thoughts on “Help Me Decide!!!

  1. David Gaw says:

    I think what I hear you saying is that deep down inside, you realize that you should keep all three computers, and in fact need to buy more. Right you are. I recommend an iPad.

    Of course, I’m probably not the right person to ask, since including my phone, I have seven working computers in the house at the moment, along with random assorted parts from others. Oh, and I might buy a Mac someday.

  2. riprowan says:

    Madness, I tell you. I’m in the same boat.

    Including Vanessa’s notebook and my phone, I tip the scales at 12 computers. Six are basically taking up closet space. I’ve listed several on Craigslist but they don’t sell. I guess I have to give the old ones away, which is a bitch because they’re perfectly usable computers.

  3. David Gaw says:

    You might consider donating them to charity, but I’ve found even that can be problematic these days. With brand-new, sufficiently speedy new computer running only $300-$400, many organizations view a used computer as a relatively bad deal, given the lack of warranty and unknown provenance. Or you can install a distributed computing client, and use them to help research global warming while consuming power that contributes to global warming. Or you can recycle them, which will actually cost you money, but at least you know they won’t be rusting in a landfill forever. No great alternatives, really.

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