Don’t Laugh

So I got roped into trying this health-food crap called “VaNu“.  It’s an acai / goji / cupuacu juice from the rainforest, sold by an MLM company from Dallas called “Fountain of Life”.  It’s blended with cacao and vanilla, and has a nice taste in my opinion, sort of red wine meets chocolate.

If you know me, I’m really skeptical about this sort of thing.  And the stuff is really expensive – about $40 for a 24 oz bottle.   So it’d better do something.

As it turns out, it really seems to.  I tried it at the recommended serving size of approx 2 oz per day, and it didn’t have much effect.  So, being me, I tried doubling the amount.  And you know, I felt great.  My energy levels went way up, my performance in my yoga class was stronger than ever, my digestion improved almost immediately, and I just felt good.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Are you sure it says cacao and not coca?”  No, the ingredient list is quite pristine: acai, agave, cupuacu, goji, camu-camu, cacao, and vanilla.  That’s it.

Yeah, whatever.  Call me crazy.  But you know what, the stuff actually worked.  And I think I’ll keep on using it.  It’s expensive, but no more so than what a lot of people spend daily on Starbucks.  And this is a lot better for you.

OK, fine.  Go ahead and laugh.