Blog Module Moving to Version 4

In a previous post I stated that the Blog module would offer an interim 3.6 release to provide users with a few more features before the team undertook the full-on rewrite to move the module to version 4.

Well, as it turns out, plans change.  The team has decided to go directly to version 4.  There will likely be a 3.5.1 release to patch up any bugs that surface after 3.5 is released, but no 3.6 “feature upgrade”.

This is really great news.  The team has grand plans for this module which are currently stymied by a few factors, including a lot of old deadwood in the code and poor developer productivity in the older VS 2003 environment.  Of course, the key reason is that DotNetNuke has officially left the .NET 1.1 environment so all new releases must be based on .NET 2.0.