6 More Words to Avoid on your Resume

TechRepublic has a cute article listing 19 words that you should avoid using in your resume.  If you need this sort of advice, then it’s a good read.

However, I think they missed a few:

Microwaveable: your skills in reheating leftovers are probably not going to get you the job, unless you are, in fact, applying for a job as a microwave oven operator.

Lesion: nobody wants to see your scab, and, regardless of the macho factor, your wounds will not earn you enough pity to get the job.

Spandex: I’m sure you look great in your Speedo.  Don’t bring it to the office.

Nubby: nobody even knows what this means, so why bother?

Lotus Notes: two words that guarantee you will be summarily passed over for any job, probably including Lotus Notes Developer and Lotus Notes Administrator.  It doesn’t matter if you used Lotus Notes to cure cancer, the world has determined that it sucks, and has moved on.  Let go.